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• Company Background

Digital Networked Solutions Sdn Bhd also known as Diginets, we believe in good reputation through timely delivery of quality solutions and consistencies in providing world-class services are the key to the long-term existence of our company.Licensing of DNS is from Diginets. Microsoft licensing applies where applicable. AXIS Communications AB applies for AXIS Networked Cameras software. General Public License (GPL) Licensing applies where applicable.The company is backed by a group of directors/shareholders and dedicated staff who have extensive and diverse experiences and expertise in IT and digital network communication.

Business Principal

Provide our customers with innovative, functional, reliable and customized IT solutions and services that ensuring mutual benefits to the company and our customers.Focus all effort on continuous research and development as a fundamental to all business activities and to promote knowledge based approach to educate users in all marketing and promotion efforts.Concentrate on promoting long-term shareholder value.Actively pursue equal opportunity for all individuals and provide environment that encourages open communications, personal growth and creativity. Conduct our business ethically and well within the framework of the law.Actively contribute to the communities and industries in which we participate.

• Business Approach

Our business approach is an adaptation high standard of services to our customers and it is based on 4 principals:

Availability – of all suitable products and services let it be hardware or software or maintenance and supports that formed the total solutions proposed to the customers in line with their requirement.

Assurance – that the solutions, services and supports provided will be delivered in line with the users' requirement.

Management – of the projects, operations and supports will be done professionally within the boundary of the law and the service level agreement between the company and the customers to ensure mutual benefits of both parties.Quality – of solutions, services and supports are not to be compromised in any situation so that customers will enjoy value for money of their investment.

Strategic Alliance Policy

Diginets has set the vision on the strategic alliance with our partners to achieve the mission of:

· Mutual benefits of all parties, the company, our partners and most importantly our customers

· Expansion into bigger market sectors i.e. corporate, governments, retails and home users

· Strengthen our presence in the market with consolidation of expertise, services, contacts, and integration of products

· Capitalizing the rapid expansion in the information technology and communication market by offering the ultimate solutions to the ever changing users' need and requirement by offering high quality solutions that are effective, efficient and economical.

Name of Company : Digital Networked Solutions Sdn Bhd
Company Number : 618975-K
Date of Incorporation : 19/6/2003
Business Address : No 53B,
Jalan SS15/5A,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor,

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