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• Our Product DNS CCTV

Diginets has been involved in surveillance since the beginning of our appearance. We also develop our own solutions for CCTV surveillance that using the newest technology.We called our own solution as Diginets Networked Serveillance or DNS. We also involved in hardware integration, like the camera itself with server and also the other security device such as Motion Detector and also the Panic Button which make it the best solution for security and surveillance. We currently into IP camera solution that will make the surveillance more interesting with more advantages. We using the best IP camera that been develop by Axis and currently at the top 50 security companies in the world by A&S magazine in Asia.

Diginets has taken a few steps forward whereby a lot of concentration has been given to detail of components, standard performance as verified by the independent body, operating environment, compatibility issues, exact electrical and mechanical requirement and specification, scalability and capacity.

This is done through excessive research and development with the assistance from the manufacturers and relevant IT communities through various partnership programs.